Slow and Steady Progress

OK, not so much has happened lately. My focus has been on renovating the house and finishing my extra night classes. But I still try.

I have ordered a 600 pulse / revolution rotary encoder to test with the rotational prototype. I am trying to reduce drift on the steppers, as the only position control they have at the moment is via internal software tracking. When the load gets too high, they skip a few steps here and there.When I first set everything up it worked pretty good, but since adding the LEGO driving man and his chair, the rig got that much heavier. I ramped up the current to the motor, but the stepper driver kept overheating. Adding a fan helped a bit, but the whole assembly was getting a bit ad hoc. To compensate for this I changed the gearing on the roll motor to a 2:1 ratio, and tidied up the electronics. The roll motor is much smoother now, and has more torque too!


Now I am testing it with other software to give the positional information. This should work much better than by hand, I can only type so fast and nobody wants to ride a machine driven by hand typed code. No fun. For now it is just another work in progress.

As for the chair rig, modeling is coming along nicely (and slow) and I expect to be printing some parts out soon. I would like to start learning to model in SketchUp. I have heard it is quite good, but for now all my other details and dimensions are in OpenSCAD, so translating all that data would take too long. Next model maybe. I have gotten my order of motors and drivers, as well as some of the bearings and belts I plan to use. Next I need to buy smooth rod and other hardware. It’s almost time to build and I will have lots of photos for when it’s all happening.

Chair Rig Incomplete 1


Chair Rig Incomplete 2









But it will all have to wait for a little while longer. *sigh*

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