Introducing… The Homer!

We have fabricated a monstrosity of a chair rig with multiple attachment points, future slide rail locations and an over the top temporary high frame (held down by bags of concrete). We call it “The Homer”.homer-car-in-cartoon

This is of course a “lets see if this works” kind of rig at the moment, and we have already found a few things which need a redesign or workaround. Definitely version 0.1.

Getting the harness attachment points set up (with added realism):


This first try left a few of the buckles in awkward positions however. So as a result, new attachment points were added and it is a lot more comfortable now:


Next we needed a method to hold and adjust the peripherals. Things like a throttle, joystick and pedals. A slide out mechanism holds the pedals in an adjustable fashion, to accommodate those with different leg lengths. Our first design for the HOTAS however involved a pivoting platform which would rotate out of the way before and after use, but it had too much of an impact on leg room. This was our quick mock up whilst playing Elite: Dangerous on the Oculus Rift DK2:



The pedals worked great, but after this test we decided to put the throttle and joystick each on independent slides. This required some gentle modification to the HOTAS cable. We are using Thrustmaster Flight Pedals and a Thrustmaster HOTAS X for this setup, which comes with a very short cable joining the two halves. We had to splice a pair of DB-25 plugs onto the original cable in order to route the length around the back and out of the way. Then we needed to remove the excess plastic which protrudes into our knees after mounting.


I’m pretty sure I voided the warranty with this modification. The weights in the bottom were also removed as the units are being fixed to the frame.


So now we have version 0.2 with modified HOTAS mounts:






All mounted:


More to come…


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  1. Hi there Andrew. Nice job on the equipment there. Are you still designing a motion rig?
    Cheers , David Lane

    • Hi David, yes motion is the priority, but we need to work out the kinks and bugs before designing the final internal frame. This version here is just a quick mock up to test things like throttle and stick position, pedal slides, etc. Once we refine this one we will weld a new frame with provisions for moving the chair on a delta platform, which will then be built into the full rotation rig in the end. It’s a long road but we’ll get there eventually.

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