Functioning Delta Chair

The delta chair prototype is working well. Most of the bugs have been worked out, so now we have a solid foundation to build the full size from. Some next steps will include using game data to drive the rig directly, acceleration and deceleration, testing the idea of sending force data instead of position data. But here it is in action:

The delta chair and the rotating rig have been combined onto one controller, and the cabling has been tidied up. But the rubber bands holding the slip rings in place have deteriorated over time and will need to be replaced.

20160606_191158 20160606_19120620160606_191222



A few changes as we get bigger though. The positions of the arms will change from an outside of platform attachment to centre of platform attachment. This means a much smaller fixing point close to the centre, but we have designed the chair platform so it will not be unstable in this configuration, and we will gain a lot by reducing the overall footprint of the delta rig. Total movement distance will be sacrificed, but this can be compensated for by using motors with a lot of grunt, thereby giving a greater feeling of force.


Modeling is still underway for the first stage of the full size. We need to allow for maintenance access, 5 point harness attachment points, PC mount, pedal positions, steering wheel mount and throttle / gear stick mount. Flexibility is important for the peripherals, and user weight is under consideration too. All of this will give us a platform weight, which we will use to calculate the required torque of the motors.

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  1. David Lane says:

    Anything else happening on this yet?

    • Hi David,
      We are making good progress, but it takes time. The design phase of our custom linear actuator has passed and we are now building the actuator prototype and it’s associated motor drivers. The market for off the shelf linear actuators is really quite niche, and as such is rather expensive. We feel as though the sum of the parts individually is very cheap (relatively) and as such have designed our own. Stay tuned…. patiently.

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