End of one project and on to the next

The schools printer is operational – The kids were really excited to have their 3D printer up and running. We have printed all their designs at a reduced scale (to save on an already compressed timeline). The whole class has individually given a presentation on their journey and what they have learned to the rest of their respective classes. The rocket lesson went well, but I need to make a few changes. Overall the final rocket design included and used most of the important tools, but it was a little bit too hard for the kids in it’s current form. On to version 2! The demonstration rocket we printed for them has somehow found a home in the principals office. I have already made a list of upgrades to this one, and improvements for the next design. The first of the upgrades is ready to install after the school holidays and it should improve the quality of each print significantly.

We have had a lot of other schools indicate that they would like to do the same as our pilot school, and now Sarah and I are putting together costing and hours. It won’t be long before we have a handful of options to offer at a reasonable price. Stay tuned.

We had an article written in the local newspaper. They came to take photos and write up an article about us, the children and the Kossel XL. It took up half a page and was really nice to read.

The recent teacher training lessons were opened up to all who showed an interest in the subject. As it turns out, by the second day we had 20 expressions of interest! I was hoping to have an informal chat and point with a handful of people, but we have managed to churn up enough excitement over the last few weeks and this is the result. I prepared formal notes, made a few flowcharts and posters, and delivered the lesson. The room was packed, intimidating but well received. I think I did well.

With the return of Tim to Sydney this month, we can now begin the full size Impulse Portal designs. We have been researching and quick drafting ideas over the last few months but now we can bring our ideas together and prepare the build plans.

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