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Functioning Delta Chair

The delta chair prototype is working well. Most of the bugs have been worked out, so now we have a solid foundation to build the full size from. Some next steps will include using game data to drive the rig directly, acceleration and deceleration, testing the idea of sending force data instead of position data. But here it is in action: The delta chair and the rotating rig have been combined onto one controller, and the cabling has been tidied up. But the rubber bands holding the slip rings in place have deteriorated over time and will need to be
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Information pipeline integration.

Christmas time is busy, much more than usual. I would like to have found a little more time for this blog and my home projects, but I guess that’s how it goes. Still I have made some progress. I’ve finished rewriting the code which drives my prototype, and it now includes communication modules for talking to Simtools. The information pipeline is complete. Now I need to modify the type of information being sent. The flow of information goes as follows: * Video game (position data such as X, Y, Z coordinates and Pitch, Roll and Yaw heading): * * Simtools
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Slow and Steady Progress

OK, not so much has happened lately. My focus has been on renovating the house and finishing my extra night classes. But I still try. I have ordered a 600 pulse / revolution rotary encoder to test with the rotational prototype. I am trying to reduce drift on the steppers, as the only position control they have at the moment is via internal software tracking. When the load gets too high, they skip a few steps here and there.When I first set everything up it worked pretty good, but since adding the LEGO driving man and his chair, the rig got
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More kinematics and updates

I’ve been busy. I have now learned how to make “gif” images, so I made some gifs of the kinematics that I had been playing with. This helps to understand the maths a whole lot more, and give an impression of what is going on. Here is some of the first ideas:   Lately most of my time has been working on a better model of the above image, after all it is pretty crude. The maths has been sorted, but now I need a working model which can exist in the real world as the phase 2 prototype. It’s
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It’s Alive!!!!

Mwah ha ha haa. It’s working. I finished the slip rings on the motion sim prototype, tested the internal motor and… it works!! I’m so excited. I suppose I should give a little bit of background before I get carried away. The motion sim prototype has 2 full rotation axes, driven by stepper motors, and will have 3 linear axes, driven by servo motors. At the moment I have built the frame and installed both stepper motors for the rotational axes. These are pitch (parent) and roll (child). The roll motor has to be located right in the centre gimbal
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