Business, business, business

This month has all been about preparation. I have been organising new shirts (complete with embroidery) ready for my first lessons at my local primary school.

I have drawn up lesson plans which include structure but with the need to keep interest, coupled with the actual building of the 3D printer. I have had a many meetings with the school over the past few weeks preparing for the build. This Thursday will be the first class with the kids, I am confident but nervous.

Tactile learning is the focus of the lessons, with the medium of 3D printers and design. I designed a small linkable group of parts to teach the kids about strong shapes and structures and I will ask them to find the strongest shape they can.

20150427_195722 20150427_195657 20150427_195747

This will give them hands on experience with 3D printed parts, an example of what can be designed, knowledge of strong shapes, and it will lead into the discussion of properties of parallelograms, which the Delta style printers exploit for control.

In addition to building the printer with them, we hope to teach them how to use and calibrate it. Further lessons will include simple models in Sketchup and using the school ipads, we can play with 123D Design. There is enough content to go on for ages. I hope the kids don’t get to overwhelmed.

20150426_210707 20150426_112408


I wish there was more to write about, but logos, business shirts and lesson plans aren’t very exciting. Hopefully I will have better stories to share next month.

3 Responses to “Business, business, business”

  1. Deb and Owen says:

    Thanks Andrew for you dedication and patience.
    The kids at the school have really enjoyed their genius hour and a half.
    You are a genius. What amazing technology.
    Great to see you sharing your amazing skills.
    Good Luck with your future adventures.

  2. CLARE TAYLOR says:

    I think Andrew and his company are doing a wonderful service to the children of our future. I also believe his ideas will be completely viable in years to come; perhaps even now. Keep up the good work Andrew. Phobos Industries will be a winner.

  3. what is the concern about that?

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