Brainstorming and planning

We will be hosting a brainstorming session shortly to hash out some of the design details regarding the Impulse Portal. Some topics of discussion:

  • The need for a better website (lets face it, this one is a little bit rubbish…)
  • Ideas for generating an early income stream
  • Potential sales pitch formats for gathering investors
  • The expansion plan for after the first Impulse Portal is complete
  • The need for updated content on this website

Further to this is a desire to decide on some of the finer design choices regarding the machine itself.

  • Calculations are required to figure out the motor sizing and specifications, the physical limitations:
    • Height range of target user
    • Weight range of target user
    • Expected G’s during motion
  • Decisions on certain parts:
    • V-belt type
    • Motor type (linear actuator or servo motor?)
    • Virtual reality headset
    • Peripherals
  • Data translation from the software chain:
    • Pull motion data from the game or send it from the game?
    • Send position data (internal force calculation) or send force data (external position calculation)?
    • Powerful logic controller and simple motor drives, or simple logic controller and smart motor drives?
  • Finance options:
    • IP for sale:
      • Plans (for others to build)
      • Licensing (for others to build)
      • Whole machines (for others to operate)
    • Rides for sale:
      • Pay per ride (user by user)
      • Corporate packages (day hire)
      • Arcade halls (our own facility)
  • Deadlines and costings:
    • When will each stage likely be completed?
    • How much is each stage likely to cost?
    • How much revenue are we expected to reclaim?

These are some of the topics and options to decide upon. We need to plan ahead before sinking too much time and money into the project. The full size build is still full steam ahead, all we need is a clear vision of the future to secure it’s success!

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