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Onwards and upwards

While we toil away on the Impulse Portal in the background, I have managed to finally pen down the grand vision of Phobos Industries. The vision wasn’t nearly as linear as I expected, but it all the more complete for it’s complexity. It includes many of the disciplines we are trying to learn and work with, but also details the possible business outcomes at the completion of each stage. It might seem overly ambitious, but if you don’t aim for the stars you will always stay on the ground. And where’s the fun in that? The first step is always
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Introducing… The Homer!

We have fabricated a monstrosity of a chair rig with multiple attachment points, future slide rail locations and an over the top temporary high frame (held down by bags of concrete). We call it “The Homer”. This is of course a “lets see if this works” kind of rig at the moment, and we have already found a few things which need a redesign or workaround. Definitely┬áversion 0.1. Getting the harness attachment points set up (with added realism): This first try left a few of the buckles in awkward positions however. So as a result, new attachment points were added
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