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More kinematics and updates

I’ve been busy. I have now learned how to make “gif” images, so I made some gifs of the kinematics that I had been playing with. This helps to understand the maths a whole lot more, and give an impression of what is going on. Here is some of the first ideas:   Lately most of my time has been working on a better model of the above image, after all it is pretty crude. The maths has been sorted, but now I need a working model which can exist in the real world as the phase 2 prototype. It’s
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On to phase 2

Ok, I think I have phase 1 completed. The software that drives my rotational motion sim has since been modified to include acceleration and deceleration profiles. At the moment I have only done it with linear acceleration, but they were written with the ability to change later, if logarithmic or exponential profiles fit better. It seems to function pretty well, and I am happy with it. I have also modified the communications side of things, so that a string of data can be sent via an application instead of punching in numbers on a keyboard. Now all I need is
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