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It’s Alive!!!!

Mwah ha ha haa. It’s working. I finished the slip rings on the motion sim prototype, tested the internal motor and… it works!! I’m so excited. I suppose I should give a little bit of background before I get carried away. The motion sim prototype has 2 full rotation axes, driven by stepper motors, and will have 3 linear axes, driven by servo motors. At the moment I have built the frame and installed both stepper motors for the rotational axes. These are pitch (parent) and roll (child). The roll motor has to be located right in the centre gimbal
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It all begins somewhere…

I have been meaning to put one of these together for a while now, but have only just found the time. However, an introduction is order. My name is Andrew, and I like to think I’m an amateur inventor. Really I am an Industrial Electrician by day, hobby inventor by night. I spend most of my “spare” ┬átime tinkering in my shed, as many people do, but what I tinker on is machines. Ambitious machines. None of my projects are ever completed, but not in a lazy “I can’t be bothered” way. The projects I work on get to a
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